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Online activity: DIY multifunctional earphone holder


Our lives have changed substantially in 2020 because of the pandemic. The changes have created new learning opportunities. Our colleagues used to gather in the activity room after lunch to participate in various interest classes. Though we cannot gather together at the present, we can acquire new knowledge and learn craft skills online to enrich our lives. 

A few months ago, the Human Resources and Administration Department organized an online activity so that colleagues could learn how to create their own DIY multifunctional earphone holders. After lunch, our colleagues stayed at their desks, paid full attention to the instructor's live tutorial, and followed each sewing step.

After class, the instructor provided a pre-recorded tutorial video with subtitles for those who could not keep up with the pace. Though the instructor did not teach in person, our colleagues were excited about unleashing their creativity. After the activity, they proudly showcased their work on WeChat Moments.

By the Shanghai Office