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SHKP Innovation

Smart water leakage alarm and cut-off system to protect property


Property management is a labour-intensive industry, as it requires substantial manpower to perform the daily patrols and inspections. To keep pace with new smart technology applications, automatic facility management has been introduced in various SHKP projects. Hong Yip's Superpower Pumping Engineering developed a 'Smart water leakage alarm and automatic cut-off system' to swiftly and effectively reduce the chance of damage to facilities in the event of water leakage.

In the past, a burst pipe or any water leakage in a building could lead to flooding if not detected in time, which could result in facility damage and property losses to owners and occupants. With the smart system developed by Superpower, if a pipe bursts, the system automatically cuts off the water supply and activates the pump. It also sends the entire property management team real-time water leakage notifications from a cloud integrator, allowing them to monitor the system's operations using their smartphones. This helps the team effectively and swiftly handle leakage problems and significantly reduces the level of damage.