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SHKP Innovation

Kai Shing develops intelligent property facility management system


Close monitoring and proper maintenance of facilities are crucial to ensuring smooth daily operations of a property. In keeping with the Group’s spirit of continuous improvement, Kai Shing recently developed an intelligent property facility management system, called 'IDEA', which incorporates functions including Information, Data, Emergency and Analysis. Engineers can get a full view of the maintenance records, inspection schedules and specifications of various facilities of a property using an authorized smartphone or other electronic mobile device. The system also provides real-time parameter comparison, automatically collects facility data for life-cycle assessment, and generates inspection reports. In addition, supervisory staff can remotely monitor the status of the property facilities through the system, which allows them to take immediate, appropriate action to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

By gradually implementing 'IDEA' in different projects, Kai Shing aims to integrate the inspection and maintenance systems of its property facilities to further enhance work efficiency while moving towards truly intelligent and green management.