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Happy Reading

SHKP promotes reading and welcomes summer reading days


As the epidemic has eased off in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Book Fair resumed this year. The SHKP Reading Club, which is dedicated to promoting reading, participated actively in the fair, so that everyone can be absorbed in reading in a sea of books this summer.

Every year, through the "Read to Dream" programme, SHKP subsidizes underprivileged students from various primary and secondary schools to visit the book fair, providing cash allowances to purchase books that interest them. This year's "Read to Dream" programme was hosted online, and it was extended from three days to six weeks. The Federation of New Territories Youth Foundation and Tai Po Youths Association were invited to become community partners to promote the "Read to Dream" ethos directly in the community. The primary and junior high school students who participated in the programme also received admission tickets to the book fair and an allowance to buy books as in previous years. The programme benefits 1,500 disadvantaged students from secondary and primary schools.

In the opening ceremony of the "Read to Dream" programme, the SHKP Reading Club invited Yau Yan-ni, a full-time teacher and two-time "Secondary School Student's Favourite Author", and Yoyo Wing, a travel writer and yoyo master, to share their reading experience with students. After the opening ceremony, more than 40 teachers and students from six primary and secondary schools participated in a guided tour of the 5G LAB to explore the infinite possibilities provided by 5G technology.

During the book fair, the SHKP Reading Club recruited "Read For More" New Star Contributors at the booth. No matter whether you are good at writing, drawing or voice acting, as long as you are interested in creating multimedia content, you will have the opportunity to be a contributor for the "Read For More" reading platform. The recruitment received an overwhelming response. Many participants introduced themselves through videos and submitted their works on the spot. You should soon be able to meet a new group of contributors on "Read For More".