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Leisure Highlights

Continuing the Olympic fever: APM takes you into the world of digital sports


This summer, the whole city has been engaged in the exciting Olympic Games. Although this grand sports event ended in early August, sports fever is still spreading in apm. The mall was transformed into a 'Digital Sportcation Hub' earlier, combining three elements – digital technology, sports, and Staycations – and conceived the first sports mall in Hong Kong, called Sportcation. The mall has three sports spots: including 'Exciting Bicycle Race Competition', 'Ultra-high-speed Basketball Challenge', and '80-foot interactive Digital Race'. These fascinating digital sports allow you to compete with your friends in this alternative arena.

The mall also has a limited-time store, selling all kinds of fashionable health products, and the platform on the seventh floor is designed as an outdoor vacation camp. With 'The Point' points and a specified amount spent in electronic currency at APM, you can reserve an Ultimate Glamping Outdoor Camping All-day Pass in advance on the Internet. In addition, 'The Point' members will have the opportunity to redeem their points for a limited APM special edition yoga mat, sports belt bag, dumbbell sports water bottle or other exquisite gift starting from now on.