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SHKP Innovation

SHKP and its partners join hands to enter a new era of construction


In line with SHKP's core value of 'Building Homes with Heart', we are committed to using smarter and better ways to provide quality properties and services, and to meet the needs of our customers by using edge-cutting technologies and innovations. SHKP is also moving forward to embed sustainability into our business strategy to fulfil the corporate and social responsibility. In 2018, SHKP invested tremendous resources to advance our capabilities in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA), which is a principal strategy for increasing construction productivity and strengthening our corporate competitiveness to deliver higher quality products to our valued customers. 

SHKP has recently organized the first-ever summit on BIM and DfMA at ALVA Hotel by Royal, which many architects, surveyors and engineers from our long-standing partners shared their in-depth insights on creating greater values to our stakeholders by deepening the application of BIM and DfMA. Since BIM and DfMA are the future trend in the construction industry, SHKP senior executives offered support by expressing their determination to join hands with the supporting partners to nurture young talents to scale new heights in furthering growth and success.

As BIM and DfMA have continued to be rooted and developed in our daily operations, SHKP will be more capable of meeting our customers' needs by delivering higher quality products. Looking ahead, SHKP will closely integrate innovation into our corporate development, review our investment direction, and invest more resources in BIM and DfMA to facilitate the architectural and structural design of various professional practitioners. This allows data to be seamlessly applied to enhance the whole property development life cycle from planning, design and construction to sales/leasing, property management and customer services, thereby achieving a win-win outcome both for SHKP and its long-standing partners.