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SHKP joins hands with Shanghai to fight COVID-19


The recent COVID-19 pandemic in Shanghai was severe. To provide its full support for fighting the pandemic and ensure the stable supply of goods in the city, SHKP and the Kwok family donated RMB3 million to the Shanghai Charity Foundation. SHKP’s office buildings, shopping malls and residential buildings in Shanghai has joined hands with the community to combat the pandemic as well. To safeguard the health and safety of tenants, residents, customers and colleagues, the frontline staff have worked proactively to make sure every working process is in line with the stringent hygiene standards.

Additionally, SHKP Chairman and Managing Director Raymond Kwok expressed his heartfelt and warmest gratitude to the colleagues in Shanghai through a thank you letter. The Shanghai office also presented caring gift vouchers to thank the colleagues for their efforts and commitment during the pandemic. 

By the Shanghai Office