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SHKP Innovation

Sun Hung Kai Centre introduces new, efficient smart management system


The Sun Hung Kai Centre property management team keeps up with the latest technology advances and actively promotes intelligent and digital management. Recently, the team introduced the Building Information Modelling – Facility Management (BIM-FM) platform, which collects and integrates various information about the building, such as operational efficiency and daily management data. With this innovative platform, this 40-year-old building has entered the new era of smart management.

The BIM-FM platform is usually applied in new buildings. However, SHKP’s subsidiaries, Hong Yip and Lik Kai Engineering, jointly developed the BIM-FM platform, which was tailor-made for Sun Hung Kai Centre, the company's headquarters, to enhance its ESG performance. They conducted a thorough laser scan of the building, and collected and surveyed various data about the building, such as the exterior and the structure, from different angles to create a 3D BIM with extremely high precision. Through the platform, the management team acquired comprehensive data about the building's performance and then conducted a big data analysis of the building maintenance and energy efficiency to adjust the management strategy appropriately. The platform has greatly increased energy efficiency and maintenance effectiveness of the building.

Looking forward, Hong Yip will introduce BIM-FM platform for other commercial buildings it manages and build an efficient smart-management network. These technologies help the management team identify and analyse potential risks, and predict and plan operation and maintenance issues early to reduce the likelihood of emergency accidents and mitigate the impact on its clients, in addition to creating a comfortable and safe work environment.