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SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation meets with a delegation from Nanjing University



SHKP is committed to supporting education in the country. SHKP Kwoks' Foundation established the Nanjing University Scholarship Programme since 2006 to support outstanding students from financially disadvantaged families to complete their studies. It has benefitted about 3,000 students, through donations of a total of some HK$16 million. The scholarship recipients have achieved outstanding results, becoming the new generation of talent supporting the country's future development. 80% of the beneficiaries have continued their studies in local or overseas universities or research institute, and 20% are working in the government or large corporations. A delegation from Nanjing University recently visited SHKP to explore further strengthen efforts to nurture talent. The Hong Kong SAR government has launched a number of initiatives to attract talent, and Nanjing University is one of the eligible universities under the Top Talent Pass Scheme. SHKP hopes that the scheme can help attract high-calibre university graduates to pursue careers in Hong Kong.