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Drone photography X Timber Chu from the Construction Department


In recent years, the company has actively used aerial filming to comprehensively elevate the work quality on our construction sites. The primary job duties of Timber Chu from the Construction Department are filming construction sites with drones to monitor work progress and helping to create 3D maps.

Controlling drones like using your own hands

Timber studied for a Higher Diploma in film production. In his free time, he sometimes helps make films. "I enjoy flying drones and have some experience in filming. Encouraged by Pele Lai from the Construction Department, I joined the SHKP family," he said. Timber's life has been closely associated with aircraft since he was small. During secondary school, he worked part-time in a model store, where he helped customers build model aeroplanes. When he grew older, he found flying drones even more challenging and fell in love with the gadgets. "I practice a lot to enhance my skills with the goal of controlling the drone like using my own hands," he said.

Safety first

As a drone flyer, Timber always talks about safety. "No matter what experience level drone flyers have, they must pay close attention to the surrounding environment and the gadget's lights to understand its condition," he said. "Flying a drone is like flying an actual aeroplane – always put safety first."

Becoming skilled and disciplined

Timber said that even though the Civil Aviation Department has set safety guidelines for flying drones, it is of the utmost importance for users to be self-disciplined. "Users must keep their drones within eyesight, so that if there's an aircraft failure, they can fix it in time without posing danger to other people," he said.