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Joyful reunion for SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation inter-university alumni in the Greater Bay Area


The SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Inter-university Alumni Association (Great Bay Area) held a reunion in Guangzhou early this year to celebrate its membership surpassing 200 and the Foundation's Sun Yat-sen University alumni reaching over 100

Recently, former recipients of SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation (the Foundation) scholarships from Hunan University, Tongji University, Nanjing University, Sun Yat-sen University, and others gathered at the Guangzhou South Campus Xueren Hall in Sun Yat-sen University. These young people moved south to pursue their aspirations after graduation. Despite not knowing each other, they quickly broke the ice and became easily acquainted because of their similar life journey. Everyone had an enjoyable time at the event, sharing both their past hardships and current life goals. Before bidding farewell, they agreed to hold seasonal reunions in the future.

On the same day, the Foundation’s Associate Director, Terry Li, sent a message of congratulations from Beijing. He said he was glad to witness the growth of these young people, who have become blooming talent.

People say the most sincere friendships are built during our school days. Through establishing scholarship programmes in different places, the Foundation is pleased to be able to connect a group of hardworking students, bringing together their true heart in caring for each other and passing on universal love.

A story about the SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation Sun Yat-sen University Alumni Association

The event mentioned above originated from a story about the SHKP-Kwoks’ Foundation Sun Yat-sen University Alumni Association.

During an inter-university exchange event for alumni and teachers held in Nanjing last year, the ties between the Foundation and its alumni were further deepened. For instance, alumni from Sun Yat-sen University shared with the other participants a touching 'starfish story'.

Afterwards, a three-member group, formed by Sun Yat-sen University and the Inter-university Alumni Association Secretariat suggested finding all the Sun Yat-sen University graduates who had been sponsored by the Foundation. In their spare time, the group members tried to get in touch with the alumni one by one using whatever information they had and formed a WeChat group.

It was eventually found in the WeChat group that the alumni were scattered across the country, developing their careers. Now in their thirties, some are engaged in poverty alleviation, some are pursuing a career in scientific research, and many have to juggle between work and family responsibilities. We look forward to seeing how this platform can be leveraged, develop, and thrive through teamwork.


By SHKP-Kwoks' Foundation