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SHKP Innovation

Metroplaza drives smart management


SHKP malls have actively driven smart management in recent years to enhance operational efficiency and provide a comfortable, safe shopping environment for customers and tenants. Metroplaza recently collaborated with SmarTone to introduce an intelligent restroom system, leveraging the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) to better cater to the needs of customers and create a new smart shopping experience.

Joining hands with SmarTone to introduce Smart Restrooms 

The queuing time for mall restrooms usually gets longer during the rush hours and on holidays. In view of this, Metroplaza joined hands with SmarTone and a local technology start-up to implement a tailor-made, intelligent management system in the mall. Multiple sensors installed in the mall restrooms send real-time data to a cloud server for analysis via SmarTone's 5G network, significantly enhancing management efficiency.

Digital signs at the restroom entrances indicate the availability of restrooms and nursery rooms, and help effectively allocate customers to restrooms with higher availability to shorten queuing time, thus creating a caring experience that meets customers' needs.

In addition, mall staff can use the management platform installed on tablets to remotely monitor the status of restroom supplies and air quality. The data is collected in real time and helps the mall management team arrange manpower and restock supplies when necessary, effectively elevating operational efficiency and service quality.

Smart anti-pandemic measures put shoppers at ease

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Metroplaza has implemented a number of smart measures to raise hygiene standards and offer customers peace of mind. Contactless facilities were installed to minimize the risk of virus spread, and different types of robots were introduced to carry out thorough round-the-clock cleansing in the mall. Every evening after the mall is closed, the robots are deployed to disinfect the restrooms using ultraviolet light to enhance cleaning efficiency and safeguard the health of customers and tenants.